A History of Port Luskan

by Alyra Moondancer

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A History of Port Luskan

A History of Port Luskan: The New Island

About A History of Port Luskan

During the first year after the Luskan community moved to their second island home, Alyra began compiling a history of Port Luskan, which she called, originally enough, A History of Port Luskan. She published the first volume as a serialized feature in her newspaper, The Port Luskan Beat. The demands of the paper itself, however, combined with her other duties on the island, not to mention interruptions by goblins, liches, extra-planar beings, and mana slugs, kept her from working on the project for many months. Before she could get around to writing any further volumes, she realized that the history of the new island was of more immediate import. Capitalizing on the information she had amassed in the publishing of the paper, she set about writing A History of Port Luskan: The New Island.

Alyra had completed only three chapters in her new history when her work was again interrupted. This time, she was wrenched from her island home by space slavers and deposited in a universe far, far away. With less than ideal working conditions and some difficulties in locating her source materials, Alyra made little headway in her writing for a number of months.

Having finally cleared some time in her busy schedule, and with her notes and resources once more available to her, Alyra plans to continue work on the history. But until her next book is published, we will have to content ourselves with the volumes currently available here in Ye Olde Book Shoppe.