Da Da Dance

A dance by Alyra Moondancer

About Da Da Dance

This dance, along with several others, was choreographed in 2009 in Second Life using animations from some of the best animators inworld. It was recorded in the loft of Celelond's mansion in Edonil, which Alyra dubbed "Windang Studio." The project was completed on January 3, 2010.

The music, "I Zimbra," by Talking Heads, is a song based on Dada poetry from the early part of the last century, specifically the poem "Gadji beri bimba," by Hugo Ball. The animations I used struck me as very "dada" as well, and meshed splendidly with the tempo and rhythm of the song. ICly, Alyra found the song while perusing the music library of the starship Northstar, was struck by its beat and timbre, and decided to create a dance for it. The dance was performed at the Port Luskan Christmas concert on December 13, 2009.