Portraits of Rulers

The community of Port Luskan was founded by Lord Celelond Windang, who moved his House to the island from Molson in January of 2007. The island was initially settled by drow, humans, and elves. Given their political and preferential differences, each of these races naturally moved into a different area of the island and established their own independent governments over their respective territories. The drow took the spacious caverns of the Underdark, where they dwelt in secrecy in their city, Edonil Rendan. The elves migrated into the forests to the north and east and established Edonil Drathir, and the humans erected their hamlet, Solice, along the west coast.

Each realm, with the exception of Solice, underwent several changes of rulers. The Underdark was most volatile, with at least five different rulerships over the course of the island's history. At this writing, it is in fact unclear who rules the drow in Luskan.

The elves had an initial period of unrest after which the leadership settled on the shoulders of Suki Syakumi, who took the title "Enelya," Lady. When Luskan dispersed in the spring of 2010, the Enelya set sail for the mainland with those closest to her. She has not been heard from since.

Solice was headed for the entirety of its tenure by the Tsar and Tsarina, KW and Taylkusha Jie, formerly Duke and Duchess. The Tsar took a change of name for religious reasons, and in early records he is identified as Duke KW Hern. The Tsarina's maiden name is Fairymeadow.

Other rulers have emerged over the course of the island's history, of greater and lesser importance. Some of the portraits below are not of "rulers" per se, but each of these individuals has held a recognized position of leadership and responsibility.

Lord Celelond Windang

Founder; Leader, House Windang (until 2008); Ruler, Underdark (early 2007); Duke of Edonil (2009-10)
Celelond Windang
Painting by Alyra Moondancer